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Day 2: Bhadaiya Kund

Our trip across Madhya Pradesh brings us to a village called Bhadaiya, close to Shivpuri. This village lives completely from the curative powers associated to its natural spring. Many medical spas use now water from natural springs as it is believed that their high mineral content conveys therapeutic qualities. Kund Leer más

Day 1: Gwalior

Every month, India Chez-Moi makes you travel across one region of India, and discover some of the most beautiful architectural and natural places of this incredible country. This week, we bring you to Madya Pradesh, a region that counts some of the most ancient and beautiful pieces of architecture of India, including the Khajuraho Temple, famous...
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Hindu Divinities: Brahma

In Hinduism, Brahma (meaning "evolution" in sanskrit) is the God Creator of the universe and member of the Tri-Murti ("three shapes") composed by Brahma (God that creates), Vishnu (God that preserves) and Shiva (God that destroys). One of his specificities is to be represented with 4 heads and 4 arms. The legend says that when he...
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