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Thripunithura Athachamayam

Athachamayam is an annual festival that marks the beginning of the ten day Onam festivities. A grand procession of caparisoned elephants, performance of art forms like theyyam, pulikali, mayilattom, attakavadi, and all types of percussion instruments are played at this festival. Athachamayam celebrations is closely linked with Cochin royal family and takes place at Thripunithura,...
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Raja Sankranti

During this four-days festival, women and young girls in Odisha in the Bay of Bengal are given a break from household work. It's time to play games, indoor and outdoor! According to the mythology, the mother goddess Earth, also called Bhudevi, undergoes menstruation during the first three days. The fourth day is known as Vasumati gadhua or...
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Kottiyoor Utsavam

The 10th of June marks the beginning of the festival Kottiyor Utsavam, a pilgrimage held during 28 days in commemoration of the mythology of Daksha Yaga. This pilgrimage, similar to the Hajj pilgrimage for Muslims, is observed by Hindus and held in the district of Kannur. The two temples that conduct the festival are Akkare Kottiyoor and...
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Day 2: Bhadaiya Kund

Our trip across Madhya Pradesh brings us to a village called Bhadaiya, close to Shivpuri. This village lives completely from the curative powers associated to its natural spring. Many medical spas use now water from natural springs as it is believed that their high mineral content conveys therapeutic qualities. Kund Leer más

Mahabharata: La leyenda de Bhisma

El sexto libro del Mahabharata es el "Libro de Bhisma". En este libro se describen los 10 primeros días de la batalla de Kurukshetra, entre los Pandavas y los Kauravas. En el noveno día, los Pandavas reflexionan en la forma de matar a Bhisma, el comandante de los Kauravas. Como no encuentran solución, deciden preguntarle directamente a...
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Mahabharata: La leyenda de Savitri y Satyavan

El libro del Mahabharata trata de la guerra entre los clanes de Kaurava y Pandava para acceder a la sucesión al trono de Hastinapura. La primera parte cuenta el exilio de 13 años de los Pandavas en el bosque Kamyaka. Uno de los episodios mas conocidos del "Libro del Bosque" es la historia de amor entre Savitri, una...
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