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Thripunithura Athachamayam

Athachamayam is an annual festival that marks the beginning of the ten day Onam festivities. A grand procession of caparisoned elephants, performance of art forms like theyyam, pulikali, mayilattom, attakavadi, and all types of percussion instruments are played at this festival. Athachamayam celebrations is closely linked with Cochin royal family and takes place at Thripunithura,...
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Easter in India

Easter is celebrated in India since the pre-Independence period, when British people ruled the country. Even though the Christian population in India constitutes only 2.5% of the total population, Easter is celebrated with great ceremony and religious vigor. The festival is as important as the ceremonious occasions of other religions predominant in the country. Exchange of gifts, church services and extravagant...
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